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DivorcePros.net is dedicated to helping you through the difficulty and uncertainty surrounding domestic and family law matters. We are experienced in dissolutions (divorce), annulments, paternity, child and/or spousal support issues, D.C.C.S. (Department of Child Support Services) hearings, custody and visitation issues, and domestic violence issues, just to name a few. On this page, you'll find some basic information about family law matters and links to some valuable resoruces.


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  • Property Division Issues 
  • Marital Settlement Conferences and Agreements 
  • Custody and Visitation Issues 
  • Move-Away Situations 
  • Spousal and Child Support Issues 
  • D.C.S.S. (County Dept. of Child Support Services) Support Cases 
  • Paternity Matters 
  • Grandparent Rights 
  • Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders. 


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If you find yourself facing divorce, you must take immediate steps to protect yourself, as well your children, property and financial situation. Protecting yourself does not mean secreting all your money, papers and property. Rather, it means acting judiciously and intelligently. If your divorce is amicable, there may not be a need to take some of the suggestions offered below. However, divorces can turn adversarial quickly, and an ounce of prevention….


General Suggestion #1: If you have children, do NOT move out of the house. Moving out may INSTANTLY ruin any chance of custody that you may have. If you've already moved out, move back in. Of course, staying may cause tension between you and your spouse, or even more! Be aware! If possible, work out a residence-sharing plan.


General Suggestion #2: Be aware if your spouse could or even remotely would try to remove your children from California. If this is a possibility, come into our office immediately for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Without a TRO, your spouse can legally take the children out of the State, making your divorce and custody issues much more difficult. 


General Suggestion #3: Absolutely do not allow your spouse to leave with the children. If he or she wishes to leave your residence WITH THE CHILDREN, please contact our office immediately.


General Suggestion #4: Find a qualified FAMILY LAW attorney at once! Going into court without an attorney is like going into surgery without a doctor. Family Law attorneys are experienced and educated in the law and procedures necessary to protect your rights. The outcome of your family law matter will affect your life for many years to come! Do not take chances. Get an attorney with experience and familiarity with the local court, judges, judicial and clerical staff, as well as local rules and guidelines.


General Suggestion #5: All things being equal, make sure you spend an equal amount of time with your children as your spouse. If you see the children less than your spouse now, then you may have set a standard by the time you get to court. Don’t chance it. Insist on 50% visitation. It is your right as much as your spouse’s right.


General Suggestion #6: Ensure that your personal documents and records are moved to a safe location, away from the marital home. If the documents and records belong to both of you, then make a copy and move one set to your safe location (with a friend or family member, etc.). Do not allow your spouse access to your personal records or your copy of any joint or community records and documents.


General Suggestion #7: Cancel all joint credit cards. You cannot do this after filing for divorce due to strict laws. Make sure you inform your spouse you are canceling the cards and then do so. Any charges made on joint cards are your responsibility as well as your spouse’s. 


General Suggestion #8: Make arrangements to protect your joint bank accounts. Open a new account at a different bank in your name only, and take steps to see that outstanding bills are covered. Then, let your spouse know in writing that you are relocating one half-of the remaining money from the joint accounts to your new separate account.


General Suggestion #9: Create an inventory of all marital property. Use a camera or video camera. Make notes. Document everything and ensure the record is kept in a safe place away from the residence.

General Suggestion #10: Make sure you move your valuable and sentimental personal (not community) property items to a “safe” location away from the residence.


General Suggestion #11: Don't sign or agree to anything. If your spouse asks you to sign an agreement, politely indicate that you’re attorney insisted you not sign anything until it has been reviewed.


General Suggestion #12: Be prepared for false allegations. It is EXTREMELY common for parties (especially women accusing men) to accuse each other of molesting or beating the children, unfairly disposing of community property assets, taking drugs or abusing alcohol, or committing violent acts. Understand this is a typical legal tactic to gain an apparent advantage. Contact an attorney immediately and do not discuss the allegations with ANYONE except your lawyer!


General Suggestion #13: Cease any contributions to IRA's, 401(K)’s or Pension Plans. Check with your HR department at work on getting this done. Remember, half of everything you put into these plans may go to your spouse, so you need to stop contributing as quickly as possible. This will also have the added effect of increasing your take home pay, which may well be needed during these times.

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